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Enjoy Team17 Sale on Humble Bundle for a Week!

Fans of Team 17! Ready your wallets and let us get some awesome games!

First Yokai Watch 4 scans are here!

New features await you in Yokai Watch 4!

Deployment, an Intense top-down shooter, is out on Steam!

Whale Rock Games, the developers of We are The Dwarves, releases their new game, Deployment on Steam.

Humble Strategy Bundle just Launched!

A new bundle has launched in Humble Bundle! Be tactical and conquer lands in different strategy games.

Disgaea Refine is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

The classic Disgaea: Hour of Darkness from the PlayStation 2 is getting a remake!

Yokai Watch 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

More Yokai are coming your way!

Disgaea 5 Complete is coming to PC this year!

Hoooray JRPG fans! Another Disgaea game is going to have a PC port soon.